Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Top Ten 2014 Release I'm Dying To Read

"Top Ten Tuesday" is an original feature/weekly meme created on the blog "The Broke and the Bookish". This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at "The Broke and the Bookish". Since I am just as fond of them as they are, I jump at the chance to share my lists with them! Have a look at their page, there are lots of other bloggers who share their lists here.

December 3: Top Ten 2014 Release I'm Dying To Read

I don't read many series and a lot of my favourite authors are classic, which means they have died quite a while ago and are unlikely to release a new book in 2014. And there are still a lot of new books from 2013 on my list so that I haven't been exploring much what is going to be new next year.

But there are a few books I am waiting for:
Ghosh, Amitav "Flood of Fire" (Ibis Trilogy #3)
Jonasson, Jonas "The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden" (Analfabeten som kunde räkna)
Lawson, Mary "Road Ends"

I would love to see a new book by Isabel Allende, Bill Bryson, Victoria Hislop, Barbara Kingsolver, Joyce Carol Oates, Orhan Pamuk, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, and Edward Rutherfurd but since there are still a few of their old ones that I haven't read, it's not so urgent.

And, of course, I always wait for the new winners of the Booker Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Friedenspreis and most of all Nobel Prize, so I can read their books.

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  1. My husband is currently reading Bill Bryson's One Summer (1927) and is really liking it, he says the amount of research that went into it is incredible.
    I'm also a big Barbara Kingsolver fan and would like to see a new book by her.
    I have a Carlos Ruiz Zafon on my to be read shelf- his I always read slowly.

  2. That is on my wishlist. I will get it as soon as it's free in the library or available in paperback here, whatever comes first. Bill Bryson puts a tremendous amount of work into each of his books, they are so well researched. I admired his work A Short History of Nearly Everything a lot and think this is a must read for anyone - whether interested in science or not because he explains it so well that even I understood it. But I loved his book At Home. A Short History of Private Life even more because it was all about history and British life which both this fabulous author and myself love so much.

    The last book by Barbara Kingsolver I read was Flight Behaviour, she writes so well about subjects I am really interested in. But I'm still missing a few of her works, so I could carry on there.

    Which book of Carlos Ruiz Zafón is on your shelf? I love his books and am presently reading his last one, "The Prisoner of Heaven", fantastic. I can see that he reads different, he wrote in Spanish, so we are reading a translation.

    Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.


  3. The Zafon book waiting to be read is Watcher in the Shadows, published in 1995, but just translated into English. I read Spanish, but not well enough to read and understand one of his books.
    Loved a Short History of Nearly Everything, but have read At Home: T Short history of Private Life, it sounds good, well, it's by Bryson of course it's good.
    My last Barbara Kingsolver book was Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a Year of Food Life and I loved it.
    Right now I'm working my way through The Woman Upstairs and it's very good.

    1. Aaaah, "The Watcher in the Shadows", I've read it a couple of years ago, it was translated into German, I don't speak Spanish, well, I understand it a little but wouldn't manage reading a book in that language. Anyway, it is one of his more sinister books. They are all a little "magical" like many Spanish written books but I would suggest you go on to "The Shadow of the Wind", next, one of his best stories.

      As you said, all of Bill Bryson's books are good and his later ones are not as funny as the first ones but certainly, any of his books is so informative. I think "At Home"is one of my favourites of all.

      I did not read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" but it is on my wishlist.

      I just googled "The Woman Upstairs" and found one by Claire Messud, I suppose that's the one. It sounds intriguing. Thank you for this information.