Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reading everything by a certain author?

I had a strange thought the other day. It was more or less a coincidence. Most authors whose books I love, I can't wait to read more of their literature, whether they write fiction, non-fiction or both, I want to read them all.

Yet, there are some authors where I only read one book and didn't venture to more of their works. A.S. Byatt, for example. I must have read her book "Possession" about half a dozen times and, yet, I have never even looked at any of her other books. Authors that I am constantly looking for more of their novels would be Joyce Carol Oates or Bill Bryson. And Jane Austen, of course I have read all of her novels already and am sad that there is no new one to discover.

Anyway, why is that? Am I reluctant to read more by A.S. Byatt because I'm afraid I might be disappointed? Or - and I think that is more the case - is she just not as popular in the bookshops I frequent that I might stumble over another one of her books? As most of my friends know, I prefer to buy in local bookshops even though I have to order online from time to time. Maybe I ought to put one of A.S. Byatt's books on my list.


  1. I've read all of A.S. Byatt's books and I loved all of them, her use of language is phenomenal. Read them!

  2. I do intend to. This was more a general reflection. Any suggestions? Which one is your favourite?