Friday, 7 September 2012

Introduction to a classic novel - To read or not to read?

When reading a classic novel I haven't read before, I have given up reading the introduction at the beginning of the book. Not because they are badly written but because they spoil everything. Even after reading just a couple of pages, you can forget about reading the book, you get to know who dies, who marries whom and why certain characters have done a certain deed. If I wanted a short version of the book, I could probably find that online. And if they want to give me a short version of the book in the book, they should call it that.


  1. But the problem with me is that I can't help it... I have to read it thinking that it will only give me more the incentive to read it. Of course, it's like you say, they say too much.

  2. I know, I get very tempted myself but I've had a few very bad experiences where reading the introduction spoiled the whole story. I never look at the ending of a novel, so I don't want anyone else doing that for me, either. ;-)