Monday 10 September 2012

Berry, Venise "Colored Sugar Water"

Berry, Venise "Colored Sugar Water: A Spiritual Tale" - 2003

Spiritual, yes, bordering on magic realism. Two women who are not happy with their life, a guy who is happy with anything and everything, who lives from one day to the next. We accompany them on their quest to spirituality, to their own self. We learn about dreams and what they could mean, symbols and their effect on us. They try a lot of different approaches, even voodoo and fortune-telling. It seems like a battle between some folk religions against Christianity.

On the whole, what could have been a good approach to multi-cultural understanding, this  is more a chick lit, something people would take to the beach when they don't want to think much. Not a book for me.

From the back cover:

"Lucinda Marie Merriweather believes in everything from fortune telling and hoodoo to God’s grace and the power of prayer. Dissatisfied with her current relationship, she decides to invite a sexy phone psychic named Kuba into her life. Self-assured and sensitive, he seems to be everything Lucy’s looking for. Or is he?

At least Lucy’s not alone in her search for fulfillment. She has her best friend, Adel Kelly, and Adel’s in need of balance herself, caught as she is between a job at a company that values profits over people and a husband who refuses to grow up. It’s about time for a change. It’s about time Lucy and Adel find something in life to hold on to, and believe in - like faith, love, and their own unique spiritual gifts.

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