Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sedaris, David "Me Talk Pretty One Day"

Sedaris, David "Me Talk Pretty One Day" - 2000

A story about the author's childhood. He is trying to tell it in a funny way and somehow he manages. But only somehow.

I was expecting this to be ironic which I would have liked. But it wasn't. This book was just the complete opposite of what I expected it to be. It was childish, that's probably the best description I can come up with if I don't want to get too insulting. The author didn't come across as a very likeable person, either. I just did not care for him or his life or anything he wrote down. At all.

I have no idea who awarded him the prizes for humour or what kind of humour they are talking about.

Will I read another book by David Sedaris? I doubt it!

From the back cover:

"A delightful comedy of atypical life stories that only David Sedaris can describe in such humorous detail.

David Sedaris' move to Paris from New York inspired these hilarious pieces, including the title essay, about his attempts to learn French from a sadistic teacher who declares that every day spent with you is like having a caesarean section. His family is another inspiration. You Can't Kill the Rooster is a portrait of his brother, who talks incessant hip-hop slang to his bewildered father. And no one hones a finer fury in response to such modern annoyances as restaurant meals presented in ludicrous towers of food and cashiers with six-inch fingernails.


  1. Thanks for the link to your blog! I have to agree with you on this book. I did find certain chapeters hysterically funny (Big Boy, for example - don't judge). But overall I was unimpressed. I can't believe the book got all the accolades it did. I was expecting a work of comic genius and was sorely disappointed!

  2. I should add this is Kari from Pinterest! Mella is my nickname/alter ego when I blog about weight loss... but I haven't blogged in a long time.

  3. I'm glad I finally found someone who read the book. I think part of the problem often is that a book has been praised so much, you expect a lot more. Still, with this one, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have liked it even if I hadn't heard anything about it.