Wednesday, 3 April 2013

King-Smith, Dick "The Hodgeheg" and "King Max the Last"

King-Smith, Dick "The Hodgeheg" - 1987
King-Smith, Dick "King Max the Last" - 1995

Another favourite of my boys, the adventures of Max the hedgehog who tries to save his family and wants to find a safe place to cross the road. He gets hit and from now on jumbles all the letters, so he is a hodgeheg instead of a hedgehog.

A very cute story, especially for beginner readers. The book has 9 chapters on 87 pages and can be read in instalments. It is also a nice story to be read to little kids beginning to understand the meaning of words and letters. The story is both funny as well as educational.

From the back cover of "The Hodgeheg":

"The hedgehog family of Number 5A are a happy bunch but they dream of reaching the Park. Unfortunately, a very busy road lies between them and their goal and no one has found a way to cross it in safety. No one, that is, until the determined young Max decides to solve the problem once and for all ..."

From the back cover of "King Max the Last":

"Victor Maximilian St George, Max for short, is already a special hedgehog, having worked out how to safely cross the busy road to get to the park. But when two scientists glue a radio transmitter, complete with flashing blue light, to his head he becomes King Max, ruler of all hedgehogs."

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