Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bourgeois, Paulette "Big Sarah's Little Boots

Bourgeois, Paulette "Big Sarah's Little Boots" - 1988

A favourite book of both my boys even though the main character was a girl. It's all about growing up and how it can be both a painful and a joyous occasion. While Sarah tries to get her favourite boots to grow with her, she learns what it means to be a big girl all of a sudden and what the advantages are, even if she has to give her lovely boots to her little brother.

I am very sad to learn that this wonderful book is out of print. I hope the publisher will decide to  bring out a new edition.

From the back cover: "When Sarah outgrows her favourite rain boots she tries everything to make them grow, from pulling and tugging them to planting and watering them, but nothing works. Splashing in a new pair of boots just is not any fun -until Sarah discovers she can jump over puddles. Full colour."

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