Saturday 28 December 2013

The Motherhood + Jane Austen Book Club

Jane Austen is my favourite author and I have not only read all of her but also a few of the stories she had started as well as a lot of her letters. I had intended to reread her books soon when I came across the blog "Gidget goes home" and their beautiful idea of reading Jane Austen's book from the perspective of a mother.

So, this is one of the challenges I am going to take on for 2014, read all of Jane Austen's books and report about all the different kinds of mothers she describes.

This is the plan and the links to the book review with regards to motherhood:
1. (Feb) Pride & Prejudice  
2. (April) Mansfield Park 
3. (June) Persuasion  
4. (Aug) Emma  
5. (Oct) Northanger Abbey  
6. (Dec) Sense & Sensibility 

And here are my previous blog posts:
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Austen, Jane "Mansfield Park" - 1814
Austen, Jane "Northanger Abbey" - 1818
Austen, Jane "Persuasion" - 1817
Austen, Jane "Pride & Prejudice" - 1813
Austen, Jane "Sense & Sensibility" - 1811

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