Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Eliade, Mircea "Marriage in Heaven"

Eliade, Mircea "Marriage in Heaven" (Romanian: Nuntă în cer) - 1938

An interesting novel. Quite philosophical. Two men reminisce about their lives and their encounter with a special woman, both have different kind of fantasies, different kind of attitudes but both are unlucky in love and pour out their hearts to each other. Whether this conversation could happen in real life, I have no idea. Maybe between two strangers who feel they have made a similar  experience. Anyway, it was very interesting listening to these two guys and their perception of a relationship. If you can find an English copy, give it a go. It's worth it. I absolutely loved it.

The author was a Romanian historian of religion, philosopher, and fiction writer. His background certainly had an influence on his writing.

From Wikipedia:

"The novel Marriage in Heaven depicts the correspondence between two male friends, an artist and a common man, who complain to each other about their failures in love: the former complains about a lover who wanted his children when he did not, while the other recalls being abandoned by a woman who, despite his intentions, did not want to become pregnant by him. Eliade lets the reader understand that they are in fact talking about the same woman."


  1. Hi!Can you tell me where did you find it translated in english?

    1. Hi, if you click on the word "Wikipedia" or "Marriage in Heaven" you will get to the site on Wikipedia that tells us that a translation into English exists but has not been published. I hope they will one day.

      I read the German translation.

      Have a good day,