Thursday, 10 May 2018

McGowan, John and McGowan, Frankie "Actually, it’s Love"

McGowan, John; McGowan, Frankie "Actually, it’s Love" - 2004

This is a book about love. Written by all sorts of well or lesser known UK celebrities, this is a charity edition, proceeds are going to ROC (Research into Ovarian Cancer). Reading a book and adding something to a good cause, what could be better?

Some of the stories are lovely, others funny, interesting, unexpected. But they're all about love. The love to a person, to your children, your animals, a place, a hobby, or an occupation. All of them written from the heart. The funniest one, in my opinion was by Gary Lineker. For those of you who are not European, he is a very famous former professional footballer (soccer to North Americans) and now a well-known sports broadcaster. He wrote a nice poem about his love for a sport. You carry on reading believing it must be football he's writing about and then you discover it's - cricket

From the back cover:

"It comes in all forms, all shapes and sizes, from the unconditional love of a parent to a child, to the passionate, all-embracing love felt for a partner, to the unspoken love that man sometimes shows to fellow man through a thoughtful, selfless act of kindness.

The rich, the famous and the funny have joined together to create this treasury of tales about the things they have done for love. 

Whether it is writing Shakespearean sonnets, hitch-hiking down the M1, or nearly drowning on a motorbike in the rain, these hilarious and heart-warming stories of your favourite celebrities will have you laughing and crying and even cringing - but definitely dying to read the next one!

This is an uplifting and extraordinary testament to the most glorious of human emotions."