Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kent, Christobel "A Party in San Niccolò"

Kent, Christobel “A Party in San Niccolò” - 2003

An English "colony" in Italy. A party is celebrated. Not my usual kind of literarute. But something spoke to me when I chose this book. And I was not disappointed. The author is a good writer, she describes people and country beautifully. The plot was alright though a little overdone at times. Still, if you are looking for a nice litle read, this book is worth it.

Book Description:

"An entrancing story that is one of the most absorbing examinations of the English in Italy since A Room With A View. Set during one week in springtime Florence, A Party In San Niccolo follows the events leading up to the seventy-fifth birthday party for Frances Richardson, a much-loved English resident. Around her, Frances' friends are gearing up for the party too: Frank, a disenchanted journalist; Jane, who runs an Italian cookery school for rich Home Counties wives; her shady husband Niccolo; and Gina, a beleaguered mother-of-three who has come to Florence for a break. Before the week is out love, death, family secrets and old memories will come to a head at Frances' party, with dramatic results..."

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