Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Grisham, John “Skipping Christmas"

Grisham, John “Skipping Christmas: A Novel” – 2001

To say it right away, I am not a thriller reader, so John Grisham is not on top of my list of authors I want to read before I die. However, this novel was recommended to me by a friend who said I had to read it because "it's not like the usual Grisham books".

True, well, I suppose it's true. It is not a thriller. It is a comedy, and quite a hilarious one. A couple decides not to celebrate Christmas this year. Their daughter is away, they want to spend the money on a cruise instead. But - they didn't count in their neighbours, the Christmas committees, the church, the Scouts, and any other person who wants to make Christmas that special time of the year where you part with all your money for the benefit of others ... If you didn't think the hype at Christmastime is overdone, you will certainly get the idea when you've read this book.

The movie, on the other hand, is awful, even though the lovely Jamie Lee Curtis is in it.

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