Thursday, 23 August 2012

Judge a reader by his books

I already talked about judging a book by its cover or not (which I think we should). But what about the reader?

I can't resist. Whenever I come to a person's house, the part that interests me most is their bookshelf. I don't care for their furniture, their drapes, their coffee cups, it's their books I'm interested in. The question is, can I judge them by the books they read or display? (Of course, the next question would be, does he read the books or are they just there to show off.)

Or in public, someone reading in the train or in a waiting room, my eyes wander instantly to the book someone is reading.

So, do you or don't you? Judge them. I know I do. If someone has a similar interest to mine, I instantly feel we share something, have something in common, something to talk about.

Doesn't mean I dislike the person who has different books. People I have the biggest problem with, you guessed it, are those with no books at all. What kind of a world is that?


  1. If I was judged by the books I read I would be labeled a crazy mixed up kid b/c my books are all over the place! From the Little House on the Prairie series to Einstein, the Dead Sea Scrolls, books on photography and birds, a PLETHORA of books on the Holocaust and 9/11, Mensa I.Q. tests and Prescription Drugs, from Shakespeare to E.B. White to Dr. Michio Kaku and more. Maybe I should be committed? ;) Wonder what someone would think of me reading Charlotte's Webb or Stuart Little? :) They are on my bookshelf. But, so are the books listed above. Maybe that makes me well rounded? :)

  2. Yes, indeed, Marianne, your choice of books just shows that you're universally interested. I haven't blogged much about non-fiction books, unless they are almost written like a novel. But I love all sorts of books, too, and that usually makes it a lot easier to find a common ground.