Friday, 15 December 2017

Book Quotes of the Week

"Reading ... a vacation for the mind ..." Dave Barry

"One writes only half the book; the other half is with the reader." Joseph Conrad

"Books allow me to get lost in the right direction." Leiter 1919

"Un enfant qui lit sera un adulte qui pense." Flore Vasseur (A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.)

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  1. That child will think and develop an imagination, what a wonderful gift.

  2. I like the Joseph Conrad quote. I don't exactly feel like I am writing a book when I read it, but I am contributing in some way by taking in what the author wrote and thinking about it and making it part of my experience.

    1. I always see it as a sort of conversation and say that a translated book has three people involved, the author, the reader and the translator. So, I do agree in a way.