Friday, 23 March 2012

Durlacher, Jessica "The Conscience"

Durlacher, Jessica "The Conscience" [Dutch: Het Geweten] - 1998

A university story. Edna meets Samuel. She likes him but he appears condescending. They become friends, meet wherever students meet, go to parties, go sailing. However, there is more to them, a common past. They are both Jews and both their fathers were deported to Auschwitz. A theme much liked by Dutch writers. A theme I usually like a lot but most Dutch writers usually overdo it. However, this takes the subject to the next generation, also very realistic, that's a big topic in the Netherlands. A lot of times, I don't like this kind of writing but Jessica Durlacher has a great way of putting it, talking about feelings rather than lingering too much on the history. I quite liked it. Certainly due to the fine penmanship of this author.

(I read this book in the original Dutch.)

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