Monday 3 March 2014

Scott, Mary "Dinner Doesn’t Matter"

Scott, Mary "Dinner Doesn’t Matter" - 1957

One of my favourite authors of my youth was Mary Scott, an author from New Zealand who was probably best known outside of her country in Germany because all her books were translated into German. I first found her in our local library and later bought all her books.

I still like them and reread them from time to time. The latest one was "Dinner Doesn't Matter", a sequel to "Breakfast at Six".

In this novel we meet Susan and Larry again, the two friends married to sheep farmers in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand. They have both become mothers in the meantime but that doesn't keep them from getting into trouble, more often than their husbands Paul and Sam would like to know.

But the biggest trouble comes from Susan's sister Dawn who has come to visit for nine months. She is twenty years old but rather than being a help, she needs a babysitter of her own.

At last, true to Mary Scott fashion, everything turns out to be alright in the end.

Another hilarious story by this wonderful writer.

This is the second book in the series. And this is the list of all of them:
"Breakfast at Six" - 1953
"Dinner Doesn’t Matter" - 1957
"Tea and Biscuits"  - 1961
"A Change From Mutton" - 1964
"Turkey at Twelve" - 1968
"Shepherd’s Pie" - 1972
"Strangers for Tea" - 1975
"Board, but no Breakfast" - 1978

From the back cover: "A New Zealand family story set in the country: a sequel to Breakfast at Six."


  1. Sounds interesting and darn it I have stacks awaiting me. You're always such a good source of book suggestions.

    1. You are welcome. ;-)

      Anyway, I think you don't have to worry about this one. They are only available used. Or maybe your library has them. So, yes, you do have to worry about this one. Mind you, this is just an easy, indulgence read that I would probably describe as chick lit if it didn't have such a great background. And wasn't so brilliantly written. And if the ladies in question would worry about shoes. So, no, not really chick lit. If you ever read them, please, let me know.

      Have a good day,

  2. I went looking all over the Net for it and it's not available and my library primarily carries popular fiction, so nothing from the 50's would be there. I told Amazon to let me know if they get a copy.

    1. I know it's a shame they are out of print. Who knows, maybe one day ....