Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Top Ten Favourite Classic Books.

"Top Ten Tuesday" is an original feature/weekly meme created on the blog "The Broke and the Bookish". This feature was created because they are particularly fond of lists at "The Broke and the Bookish". Since I am just as fond of them as they are, I jump at the chance to share my lists with them! Have a look at their page, there are lots of other bloggers who share their lists here.

July 1: Top Ten Favourite Classic Books (however you define classic) or Top Ten Classics I Want To Read  

Austen, Jane "Persuasion"
Brontë, Anne "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall"
Collins, Wilkie "The Moonstone"
Dickens, Charles "Great Expectations"
Dostoevsky, Fyodor "Crime and Punishment"
Eliot, George "Middlemarch"
Mann, Thomas "Buddenbrocks"
Steinbeck, John "The Grapes of Wreath
Tolstoy, Leonid "War and Peace"
Trollope, Anthony "Barchester Chronicles"


  1. I've read Grapes of Wrath (my Mother's family was part of the "Okie" migration in the 1930's). Persuasion, and Barchester Chronicles, will probably get to Middlemarch some time this year.

    1. I can imagine that it must have been even more interesting for you. I love Steinbeck and had to decide which one of his many good books I should choose for this list but "The Grapes of Wreath" is by far my favourite. Enjoy "Middlemarch", George Eliot is another favourite of my classic British authors.

      Have a good weekend,

    2. I have many of these on my TBR list. Persuasion is one of my favored books. Anne Elliot is my favorite Austen heroine.

    3. Oh, thank you, Holly.

      I feel the same about both Persuasion and Anne Elliot but a lot of people seem to prefer Pride & Prejudice. I always think that's because I only started reading Jane Austen as an adult. As English is not my first language, this was not read during my school years.

      I would think you will probably like all of the other ones I listed. Are there any you read already?

      Have a great weekend,