Monday 6 August 2018

Jason, David "Only Fools and Stories"

Jason, David "Only Fools and Stories: From Del Boy to Granville, Pop Larkin to Frost" - 2017

If you have never seen David Jason in one of his great roles, you have missed out. If you have seen him, you've probably seen them all. To know him is to love him. He has given us so many hours of fun. Here we can look behind the scenes of our favourite characters, be it Del Boy in "Only Fools and Horses", Granville in "Open All Hours" or any of his other hilarious roles.

The nice thing about this book is, you think David is sitting opposite you and you can hear his voice with every word he has written. He sounds just like you imagine him to be, a lovely, caring character who wants to do everything to perfection.

I also found out, that he has already written another autobiography, "My Life" (which he remarks in a typically David-Jason-like manner several times, another fact that shows you how funny this guy is). I will certainly add that to my wishlist.

And now I'm off to watch some David Jason!

From the back cover:

"From Del Boy to Granville, Pop Larkin to Frost, David Jason has lived many lives over the years. Now, Britain's favourite actor takes us behind the scenes and under the skins of some of the best loved acts of his career.

With his typical charm and wit, David relives his favourite moments from the sets of
Only Fools and Horses, A Touch of Frost and Open All Hours, among many others, and shares his most memorable off-screen capers with cast mates, crew members and friends.

Funny and poignant, honest and heart-warming, this is the story how David brought his characters to life - and how they change his life too.


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