Sunday, 26 December 2010

Albom, Mitch "The five people you meet in heaven"

Albom, Mitch "The five people you meet in heaven" - 2003

Mitch Albom starts this novel with the main character, Eddie trying to save a young girl's life on his 83rd birthday. Unfortunately, he dies trying this. We then read about his afterlife and what happens to him in heaven. He meets five people who changed his life or whose life he changed, sometimes unaware.

I thought this was a very inspiring book. I loved the idea the author gave about heaven and the way your life is explained to you. Our book club found that the author did a great job describing the ideas of life after death. Depending on our religion, we interpreted it in different ways which shows how sensitive this subject is. Most members club really liked it.

This book leaves you with a very nice feeling and gives you a lot to think about.
If you enjoyed this, you should also read "Tuesdays with Morrie".

We discussed this in our book club in December 2008.

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