Saturday, 10 November 2012

Different Countries - Different Covers

I have been a member of an international book club for more than a decade now. During that time, we often get to see several different copies of our books, the English versions from the UK, US, and Canada, mostly, sometimes even more than one from each country if some have a hardback and other a paperback copy, then translations (or originals) in other languages. It is highly interesting to see the different covers, to compare which one is best, to discuss why the designs vary so drastically in a lot of cases. With classics, you can sometimes get a dozen different covers, just have a look at one of the internet bookshops.

Sometimes one nation has the best cover, the next time another one. But in general, I think there is a reason for these different covers, the editors know what their readers like best, or at least they try to capture the prospective reader with a picture or a design they might like better than that from the other country.

As I have already mentioned in my post "Never judge a book by its cover?", the publishers know why they choose a certain cover, and they try to capture their audience with what they hope they will like best.

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