Sunday 18 November 2012

Lukefahr, Oscar, C.M. "We Worship"

Lukefahr, Oscar, C.M. "We Worship: A Guide to the Catholic Mass" - 2004

Oscar Lukefahr is a well known Catholic priest and theologian in the United States. He has written several books about the Catholic faith, including "We Believe... A Survey of the Catholic Faith". In this book, he doesn't just explain how a Mass is set up but also what it means and why every Catholic should attend it. He answers a lot of questions people have about the set-up of Mass and also its spiritual meaning. It can also be used for teaching anyone who wants to know more about the Catholic Mass.

From the back cover:

"This edition is newly updated with the Roman Missal, Third Edition

What is the Mass? The one thing Jesus asked us to do for him! In a warm and down-to-earth manner, Father Oscar Lukefahr presents a positive and enriching look at the Mass and its significance. Using examples from the lives of real people, he provides

- Solid reasons for attending Mass
- A look at the fascinating history of the Mass through the centuries
- A step-by-step guide to the Mass according to the NEW General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Third Edition
- Suggestions for participation that open mind and heart to the full meaning of the Mass
- What Jesus really meant by "this is my body...this is my blood"
- Frequently asked questions about the Mass
- Practical steps for building a solid Catholic spirituality on the foundation of the Eucharist

Each chapter concludes with questions for discussion and refl ection (useful for group participation or personal study) and with activities to help readers apply what they learn to everyday living.

Readers of this book will learn to experience and love the Mass.
We Worship will be welcomed by all who want to deepen their appreciation of Mass and by those looking for reasons to return to the Eucharist. Catechists will find in it a complete, easily understandable tool that will appeal to teens and adults."

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