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Lukefahr, Oscar, C.M. "We Believe"

Lukefahr, Oscar, C.M. "We Believe... A Survey of the Catholic Faith" - 1995

Oscar Lukefahr is a Catholic priest and a very well known theologian in the United States. In this book, he gives a good overview about what Catholicism means, a good information for Catholics and non-Catholics who want to know more about the belief. He refers to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and gives on overview about the Bible, the history of Catholicism and how it can be incorporated into modern day life.

A very helpful book, 200 pages of theology for lay people. Easy to understand, it answers a lot of questions you always had about "God, the Bible, the life and teaching of Jesus, the Church, Mary, the saints, life after death, the Sacraments, moral living, and Catholic prayer".

From the back cover:

"This bestselling guide to the Catholic faith has been revised and cross-referenced to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and to follow the four main divisions of the Catechism (Belief, Worship, Christian Life, and Prayer).

Father Lukefahr, an expert on Catholic theology, provides an overview of the Catholic faith in an easy-to-understand format that touches on the important elements of belief and practice.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike can learn how to be more faithful to Christ: in thinking about the meaning of life, in loving God and neighbor, and in experiencing life as a precious and wonderful gift from God. Each chapter touches on contemporary Catholic teaching - -faithful to Scripture and Tradition - and discusses such topics as

The Bible as a Faith 

History How Catholics Interpret the Bible 
The Life and Teachings of Jesus 
The Christian Life 
Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory 
Church History/Tradition 
Salvation Prayer 
Mary and the Saints 
The Sacraments

Thought-provoking activities and questions are included at the end of each chapter for both individual and group discussion.

The author has also written a good book about the Catholic Mass "We Worship: A Guide to the Catholic Mass".

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