Friday, 4 January 2013

Berg, Elizabeth "What we keep"

Berg, Elizabeth "What we keep" - 1999

A story about Ginny who is on her way home to see her estranged mother and sister. She has to confront a lot of issues and work through some painful memories and a painful present.

The subject seems interesting but, same as with "Open House", I find the author too superficial, she doesn't dig deep into the problems, just tries to entertain, produce some easy reading. Not my choice of book, I think this is the last Elizabeth Berg novel I read.

From the back cover:

"Do you ever really know your mother, your daughter, the people in your family? In this rich and rewarding new novel by the beloved bestselling author of Talk Before Sleep and The Pull of the Moon, a reunion between two sisters and their mother reveals how the secrets and complexities of the past have shaped the lives of the women in a family.

Ginny Young is on a plane, en route to see her mother, whom she hasn't seen or spoken to for thirty-five years. She thinks back to the summer of 1958, when she and her sister, Sharla, were young girls. At that time, a series of dramatic events - beginning with the arrival of a mysterious and sensual next-door neighbor - divided the family, separating the sisters from their mother. Moving back and forth in time between the girl she once was and the woman she's become, Ginny at last confronts painful choices that occur in almost any woman's life, and learns surprising truths about the people she thought she knew best.

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