Wednesday 16 January 2013

Alcott, Louisa May "Eight Cousins"

Alcott, Louisa May "Eight Cousins" or "The Aunt-Hill" - 1876

Same as in "Little Women", Louisa May Alcott describes an unorthodox family, a family that tries to raise their children more freely than the conventions of their times prescribed it. In this case, it is the orphan Rose that is first taken in by some aunts and then by the family of her guardian. Charming people, a nice read. The moral side is emphasized quite clearly but it still is a good book about children growing up at a different time for ours and therefore deserves to be read by children and adults alike. If you liked "Little Women", you should certainly try this novel.

Book Description:

"Rose, a shy orphan, blossoms in the company of her spirited relatives when she takes up residence at 'The Aunt Hill' This captivating novel by the author of 'Little Women' offers readers of all ages endearing, inspiring stories about growing up, making friends, and facing life with kindness and courage."

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