Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Estes, Eleanor „The Hundred Dresses“

Estes, Eleanor „The Hundred Dresses“ - 1944

A beautiful children's book that I found while helping out at a school book sale. A novel that teaches children about bullying, about poverty, about friendship and acceptance. The story is set in the 1940s but it might as well have been written today, it's a timeless classic that will still be true in a hundred years. This is a book, everyone should read, children and adults alike.

From the back cover: "'I've got a hundred dresses.' Nobody can believe it -- Wanda wears the same old blue dress every day. 'A hundred dresses -- all lined up!'
If Wanda really does have a hundred dresses, she's certainly keeping them hidden....but why?


  1. Sometimes childrens' literature has some of the most wonderful stories hidden in a seemingly simple genre. None more so that Wilde's fairytales, but now I want to read The Hundred Dresses.

  2. Oh Marianne, you would absolutely love it. As I mentioned, I found it at a school book sale. With two boys, I would never have come across it in their reading bags.