Monday, 7 October 2013

Basti, Abel & van Helsing, Jan "Hitler in Argentina"

Basti, Abel & van Helsing, Jan "Hitler in Argentina" (German: Hitler überlebte in Argentinien) - 2011

A great and interesting book, whether you believe the authors or not. According to their research, Hitler survived the end of the far and fled to Argentina.

There is a lot to learn about World War II and about South America (and the connection between the two, no matter how much you read, there is always more. That is the impression I have. Even though I read a lot of books, both fiction and non-fiction about this topic (look here), there is something new in every book I read about it. This one was probably the most different one from all the others, the authors try to prove the assumption that Hitler survived the war and lived in Argentina for many many years. I remember hearing the rumours when I was a little child, and they have never stopped.

If this subject interests you, try to find a copy. The research is highly interesting.

Even though I found the English title of this book, I have not been able to find it from one of the online booksellers. This is what I found in English in one of the descriptions. You can find more information about the publications here.

About Abel Basti:

"Basti claims that Hitler has fled to Argentina after world war two.

He also was the coordinator of several expeditions near the Argentinean sea coast, with the goal of finding submarines that were used by the German Kriegsmarine."


  1. Sounds like a book worth searching for, too bad I don't read German

  2. Found it in Spanish which I could probably read, but I'm too lazy.

  3. Hi Marianne, so happy you left me a note so I could find you! Love your blog. I also was unable to find an English copy of this book (even on Amazon, and they have everything). But it is an interesting premise! So happy to have found a fellow bibliophile - we Americans are far behind Europe when it comes to reading what we buy. :)


    1. I am happy to have found you, too, Michele. I usually check a few blogs abvoe and below mine when going to those blogs that kindly invite us to share our lists or any blogs. And then I always find a post to comment on from a like-minded person. I have met the most exciting people here.

      But I think I found you a while ago since I have been following your blog for quite some time now. :-D

      I don't know whether Americans read less what they buy, I have quite a few American friends who read at least as much as I do. In any case, I am always open to new bibliophiles with whom I can discuss my addiction. ;-)

      Welcome to my page.

  4. So sorry none of you could find an English copy. I usually try not to write an English review if there is no English translation. I can't find the page anymore that advertised it. I will check further, though.

    In the meantime, maybe some of these English articles on the subject might be of interest:
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    Nazi Expert: ‘I Have Proof Hitler Died In 1960s’
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