Wednesday 16 October 2013

Civardi, Anne; Cartwright, Stephen "Things People Do"

Civardi, Anne; Cartwright, Stephen "Things People Do" - 1985

Little kids just love the illustrations of animals and people in all sorts of jobs and activities. When they get older, they love the humour behind the names. There is Mayor Naze, the mayor of Busytown on the island Banilla. Manuel Laber is the builder, Ivor Hose the fire chief, of course. Penny Sillin is the doctor, Les Chatter the teacher, you can go on and on, you find one charming picture after another. They make children talk about their surroundings, tell you what they know and learn new stuff. The language is easy and clear, the illustrations are also quite simple but with a lot of details.

My children loved any book illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, his pictures capture anyone. I think it is supposed to be for pre-school children but they love his stories a lot longer.

From the back cover: "Cartoons show the kinds of work done by fishermen, builders, hotel managers, teachers, bakers, farmers, reporters, pilots, fire fighters, doctors, TV producers, police officers, vets, ballet dancers, and auto mechanics."

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