Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I have more books than I can fit on my bookshelf.

"I have more books than I can fit on my bookshelf." I read this somewhere the other day. The person went on to say the books were hidden in shoe racks, boxes, under the nightstand etc.

True, we bookworms like to accumulate our books. They seem to grow and grow, the more we try to read, the more books we have on the shelves waiting to be read. In our house, there are books all over the place. We have books in the living room, in the kitchen, on the corridor, in the bedroom, in the children's rooms, in the office. They are on shelves, in cupboards, in boxes, under the nightstand and the bed, even on the floor next to the shelf.

Where do you keep your books?

That's the (pleasant) life of a bookworm.


  1. I have books in every room, except the bathrooms. In the kitchen I only have cookbooks, but in every other room there are books lined on shelves, tucked in closets, and a large stack crawling up the side of fireplace (which we don’t use). My library shelves hold my precious hardback selections while paperbacks are demoted to other shelves throughout the house. I have to weed out some books to make room for more, but letting go of a book is like saying a final goodbye to a friend.

  2. Bookcases in the 2 upstairs bedrooms, bookcases in the closets in those rooms, bookcase in the upstairs tv room, a shelf of books under a table next to the couch, books in the night stands in our bedroom, books in my closet, small stack of books in the bathroom and cookbooks in the kitchen. Yesterday we carried off a crate of books to donate to Goodwill, can't keep them all.

  3. Haha, I see I am not the only one. And yes, I donate old books that I know I won't read again but there are quite a few that I could not let go. Thanks for sharing your "book places".