Friday 16 September 2011

Fielding, Helen "Bridget Jones" series

Fielding, Helen "Bridget Jones' Diary" - 1996
Fielding, Helen "The Edge of Reason" - 1999

A friend of mine once said "What is the matter with young women today? You'd think the 70s never happened!" I know exactly what she means. And in a way they didn't, at least not for the young women nowadays. Some of the things we fought for are so normal nowadays that people begin to give it up again. Sad, really. But somehow understandable.

Needless to say, these books don't belong to my favourites. It was alright to read them at the time to see what all the hype was about but I don't think they will become classics.

From the back cover:

"Meet Bridget Jones—a 30-something Singleton who is certain she would have all the answers if she could:

    a. lose 7 pounds
    b. stop smoking
    c. develop Inner Poise

'123 lbs. (how is it possible to put on 4 pounds in the middle of the night? Could flesh have somehow solidified becoming denser and heavier? Repulsive, horrifying notion), alcohol units 4 (excellent), cigarettes 21 (poor but will give up totally tomorrow), number of correct lottery numbers 2 (better, but nevertheless useless)...'
Bridget Jones' Diary is the devastatingly self-aware, laugh-out-loud daily chronicle of Bridget's permanent, doomed quest for self-improvement - a year in which she resolves to: reduce the circumference of each thigh by 1.5 inches, visit the gym three times a week not just to buy a sandwich, form a functional relationship with a responsible adult, and learn to program the VCR.

Over the course of the year, Bridget loses a total of 72 pounds but gains a total of 74. She remains, however, optimistic. Through it all, Bridget will have you helpless with laughter, and - like millions of readers the world round - you'll find yourself shouting, 'Bridget Jones is me!'

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