Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Favourite Books 2015

My Favourite Books 2015:

Bryson, Bill "The Road to Little Dribbling: more Notes from a Small Island" - 2015
Doerr, Anthony "All the Light We Cannot See" - 2014
Follett, Ken: The Century Trilogy: "Fall of Giants" - 2010; "Winter of the World" - 2012; "Edge of Eternity" - 2014
Gaskell, Elizabeth "North and South" - 1854/55
Hislop, Victoria "The Sunrise" - 2014
Lahiri, Jhumpa "The Namesake" - 2003
Lawson, Mary "Road Ends" - 2013
Schami, Rafik "Eine Hand voller Sterne" (A Hand Full of Stars) - 1987
Sendker, Jan-Philipp "Drachenspiele" [Dragon Games] - 2009
Smiley, Jane "Some Luck (Last Hundred Years: A Family Saga #1)" - 2014
Talshir, Anat "Über uns die Nacht" (Im Eshkahekh/If I forget Thee) - 2010
Yousafzai, Malala; Lamb, Christina "I am Malala" - 2013

I have already published my list in my statistics here and my reading challenges wrap-up here but I like to have a link with just the favourite books that I can refer to.

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