Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sedano, Nina "Die Ländersammlerin"

Sedano, Nina "Die Ländersammlerin" [The collector of Countries] - 2014

"The Collector of Countries" (female in the German non-translated original) has visited all 193 countries that are members of the UN, or (as they say in one of my favourite Quiz Shows, Pointless - see here) "and by 'country' we mean a sovereign state that is a member of the UN in its own right".

Now, I don't know whether this book will ever be transtlated into English, it's interesting but not earth-moving, but it gave me an idea. I would like to read a book about or written by someone from all those States. I am going to travel the world through my books.

From the back cover (translated): "Travelling is Nina Sedano's great passion. Her life in Frankfurt isn't fulfilling in the long run and so she takes a courageous decision: She will save up money, quit her job and travel to all member states of the 193 UN. Full of energy and vitality she sets out into the distance. Along the way she experiences adventures, immerses in foreign cultures, builds friendships, sometimes reaches her limits and learns a lot about life, the world and herself. Nina Sedan never loses her sense of humor and especially not her goal out of sight. Today eleven passports are full of stamps and the country collector can claim to be the most travelled woman in Germany."

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