Tuesday 28 June 2016

Migraine Books and Links 2016

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June is Migraine Awareness month.

I know people mean well but if it helped your neighbour's aunt's dentist's daughter's teacher's cousin, I probably have heard about it already and also tried it with no success.

However, as a migraine sufferer, I am always interested in finding a solution or at least talk about what might and might not help. Therefore, I created a list in 2011 with links to anything that could be helpful for a sufferer like me. Even though I updated it constantly, there were so many new websites and article that I added another one in 2014. And here we are again, so many new articles that I'd like to share with my friends. Therefore, here is a new list that I will update from time to time. You can still go back to the old ones (2011 here and 2014 here) and check for some of the sites there, as well.

Lane, Russell; Davies, Paul "Migraine"
MacGregor, Ann; Frith, Alison "ABC of Headache"
Sacks, Oliver "Migraine"
Sepp, Maia "The Migraine Mafia"

I have not read any of these, yet, but hope to get my hands on one or more of them soon.
Suggestions for more books about this topic are always welcome.

There are so many websites and blogs about migraines, I try to list a few and will add more over time:

3 essentials to cure hangry medic syndrome
8 Things to Remember If You Love Someone With Chronic Pain
8 Things You Can Do to Live Well With a Chronic Illness 
8 Yoga Poses to Help Cervical Spine & Neck Issues
9 Feel-Good Migraine Gifts for Your Christmas Wish List
10 Migraine Resolutions to Make for 2016
10 Things To Stop Doing If You Suffer From Migraines
11 Tips for Living With Chronic Pain
16 Texts From Your Migraine That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry
21 Thoughtful Things to Do for Someone With Migraine
23 Tips For Men on Supporting a Partner with Chronic Pain
29 Things Only Someone with Severe Migraines Would Understand 
5 Reasons People With Migraine End Friendships
A Day in The Life of A Chronic illness Flare
All I Want For Christmas: No Migraines
Caution on Mixing Herbal, Migraine Meds
Distracting Myself From Discomfort
Driving under the influence of migraine
First Drugs To Prevent Migraines In Final Stages Of Testing
Getting Help
Heat and headaches
How to Cope When Your Wife Has Migraines
How to Understand Someone with Chronic Pain
If You Won’t Try Tylenol for That Migraine, Stop Complaining!
I'm Chronically Ill and Afraid of Being Lazy 
I Want Everyone to Have One Migraine 
Learn How To Recognize Dangerous Headaches
Life With an Invisible Illness
Limb Pain May Be Unrecognized Manifestation of Migraine
Migraine: A Worldwide Crisis?
Migraines may be mini-strokes that cause brain damage
Migraine symptoms: Transient Aphasia
New migraine drugs promise relief - but at a steep price
Optic Nerve Plays a Major Role in Migraine Pain
Putting Others in Your Migraine Shoes… With a Game  
Re-Framing Migraine
She Changed How I See My Disability With a Pair of Socks
Silent Migraine
Six Common Misconceptions about the Chronically Ill
Six Ways In Which Chronic Illness Changes Your Body Image
Sorry, I Can’t Today, the Barometric Pressure’s Changing
Steps I Take to Keep Anxiety/Depression in Remission
Suffer from migraines? Try and sit up straight: Hunching over computers and not getting enough sleep could be to blame
Suicide Headaches: 5 Realities Of The Worst Thing Ever
The 19th Century Doctor Who Mapped His Hallucinations
The 7 Psychological Stages of Chronic Pain
The Highly Sensitive Person And Chronic Illness Connection
The Mighty - Kerry Hussey
The Migraine Warrior Toolbox: IceKap Review 
The painkillers that could make chronic pain WORSE
The pressure to say you're OK
This Is Why We’re All Deficient In Magnesium: The Many Signs and What You Can Do
Those Quirky Migraine Symptoms
Top 10 Migraine Triggers
Top 10 Migraine Triggers According to a New Study
To the Husband of the Wife Living With Chronic Illness 
To the Person Who Thinks Chronic Pain 'Can't Be That Bad'
To the Person With a Chronic Illness Who Feels Like a Burden
To the person with a chronic illness who feels like a burden  (I have no idea who the real originator is, so I post them both)
Trapped by my Prescription Drug Coverage  
Visual 'Noise' May Overexcite Those With Migraine  
What Migraines Really Feel Like, From People Who Get Them   
When People Ask How I Do My Job With My Chronic Pain   
When People See My Pills and Say, 'You Know That Stuff Is Poison, Right?' 
Where Is the Cure for the Migraine?  
Why I Do Things That May Make My Chronic Pain Worse   

German Articles:
Animationsfilm: "Migräne? Hab ich im Griff!"
Migräne, eine Erbkrankheit?  
Wie eine 17-Jährige mit chronischen Kopfschmerzen lebt  

Chronic Migraine We are not alone   

See newer post (2023 here).


  1. Quite a comprehensive list. As I've told you before our daughter suffers from migraines too and has to give herself a shot to get relief, don't know what the medication is.
    Since she's moved to Japan, which is what she's always wanted, her migraines have improved, down to only about 2 a month. Stress seems to be her biggest trigger, though there are others.
    I think of you when you don't blog much and worry that migraines are getting you down. I know you've probably tried about everything.
    But for each person help seems to be a different course.

    1. I am very happy for your daughter. I have the hope that my migraines will get better one day once we've moved away from here.

      You are right, of course, most of the time it's my migraine that keeps me from blogging. I enjoy it a lot, so try to do it regularly but sometimes it's just too much. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.

      Have a good day,