Wednesday 3 October 2018

Armstrong, Alexander; Osman, Richard "The 100 Most Pointless Things In The World

Armstrong, Alexander; Osman, Richard "The 100 Most Pointless Things In The World" - 2012

If, like me, you love quiz shows and are lucky to live in a country where you can watch "Pointless", you will certainly have watched it and love it. For those unfortunate enough who don't, here's a short information.

"Pointless" is a quiz show where you have to find obscure answers to questions that were put to a hundred people before and the fewer people answered it, the fewer points the teams get. The aim is to find as many "pointless" answers, i.e. answers nobody knew, because the fewer points you have, the better. So, if asked for, let's say, a capital in Europe, London would certainly not be the best answer as most British people might know that.

The show is hosted by British comedian, actor and singer Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, a TV presenter and comedian. They are both hilarious and have the best chemistry ever. Even if you don't like quiz shows, you might want to tune in and I promise, you'll fall in love with it.

One of my main subjects is when they ask the contestants about geography and Richard mentions, as always "and by 'country' we mean a sovereign state that is a member of the UN in its own right".

Anyway, this was the concept of the show. The book is something else, although not entirely. Both Alexander and Richard talk to us about what they think are the 100 most pointless things in the world. I must say, when it comes to things like "restaurants advertising themselves when you're already eating there" or "explaining rules on episode 400 of a quiz show", I totally agree, even though there are worse things in life, like "war" and "over-complicated hotel showers", two points that are also mentioned and that I would certainly have listed myself.

And then it comes to some of the really hilarious ones like "being 14" or "dictators' pets". Just Richard and Alexander as we all love them.

Plus, they enter some of their pointless quiz questions. What's not to like?

From the back cover:

"The world is full of pointless things. From rail replacement bus services to chip forks. From war to windchimes. From people who put cushions on beds to people who read the bit they write about the book on amazon. Look around you right now. Just about the only thing that isn't pointless is you. You look amazing. Join Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, the hosts of BBC1 quiz show Pointless as they take you on a journey through The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World. Filled with play-along quiz questions and unlikely facts, their hilarious collection of musings on some of the most pointless things found in everyday modern life is the perfect blend of the obscure, the fascinating and the downright silly."


  1. We all need to find some laughs these days! Your initial description of the game show rules reminded me of playing "reverse checkers" as a kid. The object was to get all your checkers jumped first.

    1. Thanks, Judy. It is actually a reverse of the quiz show "Family Fortunes" which I believe has been an AMerican one first. We all love it.

      Thanks for all your comments on my posts. I appreciate them very much.

  2. Always watch it when we're in England.

    1. So I take it you are a fan, too. Even if one doesn't like quiz shows (I loooooove them), just listeing to the banter between Richard and Alexander is such joy.