Friday, 9 November 2018

Drinkwater, Carol "The Olive Harvest"

Drinkwater, Carol "The Olive Harvest" - 2006

Years ago, I read the first two books of the "Olive Series", "The Olive Farm" and "The Olive Season". Now I read the third one in the trilogy, "Olive Harvest". Another intriguing story about a couple who decides to buy an olive farm in the South of France and not just use it as a holiday home - that as well - but also grow olives and other vegetables there.

This is not just a place to go and relax, this is hard work. One really has to love this kind of work in order to do it. Carol Drinkwater does and so does her husband. Even though they have to go through many struggles, they carry on and survive yet another difficult season.

I am not a farmer, not even a great gardener but my father was, so I have quite a bit of passive knowledge. I did enjoy her description of the work and their life in Provence. I have been to their neighbouring province, Languedoc-Roussillon decades ago and I remember it to be absolutely beautiful. The author has revived those memories in a fantastic way, I really like her way of writing.

From the back cover:

"Carol and her husband Michel, home after long and separate absences, look forward to spending the summer together on their beloved olive farm Apassionata. But a shocking blow leaves Carol alone, and the future uncertain.

Feeling isolated and with no olives to harvest, Carol ventures beyond the farm to explore other aspects of Provencal life - from hunting to bee-keeping, the gypsies of the Camargue to the shepherds of the southern Alps, the ancient language to the ever-present demands of family and friends. And ultimately, Provence's generous diversity - and Carol's own persistence in sharing it with those she loves - pave a path to joy."


  1. My parents were avid gardeners, growing vegetables and flowers. I was allowed to work along side them when I was growing up. It is a lot of work and though I keep a nice yard I have rarely grown vegetables. Both of my sisters have. One had an small organic farm early in her marriage. The other now has a small organic vegetable farm with her husband.

    1. My parents were avid gardeners, as well, but the gene passed me by. I hate gardening, always have. Maybe because we grew anything you can grow that would be eaten then. We hardly ever bought any fruit or veggies, they all came from our own garden.

      The books reminded me a lot of all the work involved.