Sunday, 14 August 2011

Montefiore, Santa "Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree"

Montefiore, Santa "Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree" - 2002

I thought this might be something like the other South American writers I read, something like an Isabel Allende book. It was not. The descriptions about life in South America, Argentina, in this case, are not bad but the whole story is mainly a cheesy love story. After researching the book and the author, I wasn't surprised to find out that she really is British and probably chose this name to sound more exotic. Not my kind of book, certainly the one and only I will read by this author.

From the back title:
"Spoilt, wilful, resourceful and proud, Sofia Solanas grows up on a magnificent ranch in the middle of the Argentine pampas, loved by all around her. All, that is, except her Irish mother, Anna, who punishes her daughter for her own sense of alienation and inadequacy while doting on her sons.

When a horrified Anna discovers that Sofia has embarked on a passionate love affair that can only bring shame upon the family, she sends Sofia away to Europe, inadvertently exiling her from her family and the man she loves for over twenty years. And then a family tragedy calls Sofia home.

Following the story of the Solanas family in Argentina during the tumultous years of political upheaval, and Sofia's life in exile,
MEET ME UNDER THE OMBU TREE is a moving, evocative and unforgettable story of love and forgiveness from a brilliant new voice."

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