Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Odell, Catherine M. "Faustina"

Odell, Catherine M. "Faustina. Apostle of Divine Mercy" - 1998

Helenka Kowalska was born at the beginning of the last century in Poland. Even though she came from a very poor family, she dreamed of becoming a nun and pursued her aim. She became a visionary and reported about several conversations she had with Jesus. Unfortunately, she died in her early thirties but she remains an inspiration to many people. Pope John Paul II was a big admirer of her work and religious life. she was venerated in the Catholic church and is known as Saint Faustina.

Catherine Odell describes the life of this extraordinary woman, partly using her diaries but also using a lot of other sources. A very interesting account of a holy life.

From the back cover:
"The first popular biography of St. Faustina, founder of the Divine Mercy devotion. Contains details never before available in English."

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