Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Fitch, Janet "White Oleander"

Fitch, Janet "White Oleander" - 1999

The story of young Astrid is the story of millions of young children who don't grow up in a loving family. Very sad.

However, the book didn't leave such a great impression on me. I read it with my Dutch book club about a decade ago and remember that we were not really overwhelmed by it. It was alright but that's about it.

From the back cover:
"Janet Fitch's debut novel, White Oleander, is a stirring, poetic work of great imagination. Young Astrid is an only child with strong attachments to her brilliant if unstable mother, Ingrid, and their idyllic life together. Astrid's world is shattered, however, when Ingrid murders her lover after a devastating rejection. Her life becomes a constantly changing whirlwind of strange new faces and foster homes."

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