Monday, 16 January 2012

Levi, Primo "If Not Now, When?"

Levi, Primo "If Not Now, When?" (Italian: Se non ora, quando?) - 1982

Primo Levi lived during the most part of the 20th century. He was Italian, he was Jewish, he was a chemist, and he wrote a couple of books. This one is about two Russian Jews who join a band of partisans behind enemy lines.

The books is based on a true story. I must say I loved it. The language was great, the story interesting, the people well described. An action-filled story that also brings up a lot of questions about war. Good read, a good basis for interesting discussions.

From the back cover:
"Primo Levi was among the greatest witnesses to twentieth-century atrocity. In this gripping novel, based on a true story, he reveals the extraordinary lives of the Russian, Polish and Jewish partisans trapped behind enemy lines during the Second World War. Wracked by fear, hunger and fierce rivalries, they link up, fall apart, struggle to stay alive and to sabotage the efforts of the all-powerful German army. A compelling tale of action, resistance and epic adventure, it also reveals Levi's characteristic compassion and deep insight into the moral dilemmas of total war. It ranks alongside 'The Period Table' and 'If this is a man' as one of the rare authentic masterpieces of our times."

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