Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kleist, Heinrich von "The Marquise of O"

Kleist, Heinrich von "The Marquise of O" (Die Marquise von O.) - 1808

Heinrich von Kleist. He is a contempory of Jane Austen, although I am sure they never met. Even if they hadn't been living in different countries, their circumstances were very different. Von Kleist was more a "high society" guy.

So, his dramas are about nobility, the marquise being the daughter of a colonel and, after being widowed, courted by a count. She finds herself pregnant and that is the big problem of the story.

Quite an interesting story, not very long but there is so much in this, society and the restraints it puts on everyone, especially women.

I quite enjoyed this novella, even though I prefer books to have more than 500 pages, at least.

I also read the play "The Prince of Homburg".

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