Friday, 28 December 2012

Oates, Joyce Carol "Mudwoman"

Oates, Joyce Carol "Mudwoman" - 2012

Joyce Carol Oates is one of my favourite authors. She surprises me with every new novel. As she did with this one.

Meredith Ruth (M.R.) Neukirchen is an abandoned and then adopted child that grows into a very successful woman. When she is at the top, she starts struggling with her past.

It is amazing how ordinary events can bring up topics you have long forgotten. And it is close to a miracle how Joyce Carol Oates can bring this to life on her pages. An almost fantasy-like story, although more magic realism, a story that has it all, it's a thriller, but it's so much more than a thriller. It's a philosophical book as well as the description of a journey to find oneself.

A quote to think about: "Earth-time is a way of preventing everything happening at once."

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  1. Sounds pretty good...thanks.

    And...thanks for stopping by my blog posts about New Year's Resolutions and Favorites of 2012.

    Happy New Year!!

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  2. You're welcome, I really like your blog, so much to participate in. Joyce Carol Oates is one of my favourite authors, I wasn't surprised that I loved this.

  3. I've never read Joyce Carol Oates but this review has sparked an interest. Have a terrific day!

  4. Marianne, thanks for linking this in. I have read some of her works but not this one. Cheers

  5. Thank you both.
    Shirley, I hope you like her. She is one of my absolute favourites. I have read a lot more of her novels and certainly will read more in the future.
    Carole, it's not that surprising that you haven't read this one, it's her latest. I love your blog and all the suggestions. Now, I have to find the time to read them all. ;-)
    Thank you both for your comments. I love talking about the books I read.
    Happy Reading, Marianne