Saturday 1 December 2012

Lindgren, Astrid "The Six Bullerby Children"

Lindgren, Astrid "The Six Bullerby Children" (Swedish: Barnen i Bullerbyn) - 1947

Next to "Seacrow Island" (Swedish: Tjorven Vi på Saltkråkan), my favourite story by Astrid Lindgren. This is a trilogy about six children who live in the little village of Bullerby, Lisa, Britta, Anna, Lasse, Bosse and Olle. They talk about their life in the little village, their little adventures and pranks. They live in the first half of the last century, no technology, a life most of us don't remember.

These are lovely little stories about an innocent childhood that doesn't exist anymore. Still, a lovely account, also a very nice read to for younger children.

From the back cover:

"Welcome to Noisy Village! Go crayfishing in the summer at Nocken, "dipping in the pot" at Christmastime with Lisa and Karl, and join Britta and Anna who know the best way to go about "nutting" for the New Year. In this gently humorous tale, master storyteller Astrid Lindgren takes us through a year in the lives and customs of six Swedish children living on a group of three farms in the countryside.

Ten-year-old Lisa tells about her brothers and playmates and the happy times they spend at work and at play in their Swedish village."

Astrid Lindgren received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade (Friedenspreis) in 1978.  

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