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Murphy, Jill "Five Minutes Peace"

Murphy, Jill "Five Minutes Peace" - 1986

The Large family consists of Mrs. Large, Mr. Large, Lester, Laura, Luke and baby Lucy (although she is only added in one of the later books). They are a family like yours and mine, only they are elephants. But Mama and Papa have to go through all the troubles human parents have to go through, as well.

In this book, Mrs. Large wants to take a bath and just wants five minutes peace. Does she get them? I don't think I spoil the pleasure of reading the book too much if I mention that she does not.

I have often asked myself whether the authors of children's books write for the parents or the children.  The stories of the Large family are just as funny for both. Children of all ages will enjoy these as well as mum and dad. They belonged to the favourite ones in our family when our boys were little. This is my personal favourite.

Other titles in this series:
Five Minutes' Peace
All in One Piece
A Piece of Cake
A Quiet Night In
Mr. Large in Charge
Laura Bakes a Cake
Luke Tidies Up
Lester Learns a Lesson
Lucy Meets Mr Chilly
Grandpa In Trouble
Sebastian's Sleepover

From the back cover:

"All Mrs. Large wants is five minutes' peace from her energetic children, so she heads to the bathtub for some well-deserved quiet time. But the kids want Mom to join in their fun, so they follow her wherever she goes! With a relatable dilemma and hilarious art, Five Minutes' Peace is a favourite among moms."

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