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Davis, Lee "P.B. Bear"

Davis, Lee "P.B. Bear" - 1990s

P.B. Bear is a wonderful series about Pyjama Bear and his friends. They go through all kinds of childhood events, from a birthday party to the first day at school. There are board books and first readers but my boys first met him through his read along books, stories filled with pictures that the children can "read" while the parent reads the rest of the story.

Apart from P.B. Bear who always wears his blue and white striped pyjamas, we also meet a lot of his friends, Roscoe and Russell, the rabbits, Milly, the monkey, Dermot and Dixie, the dogs, Dililah and Bob, the ducks and Salty, the seagull.

We had a lot of fun with this little bear in our family. He even exists as a cuddly toy, complete with pyjama. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of print but if you can find them used, they are really worth it. There were several titles available.

P.B. Bear: Catch That Hat!
P.B. Bear: Fly-Away Kite
P.B. Bear: Let's Play Doctor
P.B. Bear: The Pyjama Party
P.B. Bear: The Snowy Ride
P.B. Bear's Birthday Party
P.B. Bear's Christmas
P.B. Bear's Jungle Adventure
P.B. Bear's School Day
P.B. Bear's Treasure Hunt
P.B. Bear's World of Words
The Bear Who Wanted to Read
What Does P.B. Bear Choose?
What is P.B. Bear Doing?
Where is P.B. Bear Going?

Board Books
Good Morning P.B. Bear
P.B. Bear: Marching Band
P.B. Bear: Lift the Flap Magic Surprise Book
P.B. Bear: A Day Out
P.B. Bear's Colours
P.B. Bear's Numbers
P.B. Bear's Sand Castle Surprise
P.B. Bear's Shapes
P.B. Bear: The Snowy Ride
P.B. Bear's Touch and Feel: Meet
P.B. Bear's Words
Time for Bed P.B. Bear
What Does P.B. Bear Choose?
Where is P.B. Bear?

Read Alone
P.B. Bear's Scarecrow
P.B. Bear's Spooky Game

From the back cover:

"Come and join the party Young children will love learning as they meet Pajama Bedtime Bear and all of his cuddly toy friends at his very special party."

In 1998, there even was a television series with 30 episodes and there is a cute CD-ROM game based on the book series.

While searching for some titles, I also found this online learning site based on P.B. Bear.

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