Thursday, 12 May 2016

Scott, Mary "Yes, Darling"

Scott, Mary "Yes, Darling" - 1967

Another Mary Scott story. If you have followed my blog for the last two years, you might have met her before, otherwise I can only recommend to go to my post with her books here.

Well, the stories were written in the fifties/sixties and times have changed. Or at least I hope so. Because Margaret, the heroine of our story, lets herself being bullied all her life. First by her father, then her husband and in the end by her husband's daughter and nieces. I think this might actually be a good book to discuss feminism and how it shouldn't be.

But it wouldn't be a Mary Scott story if that would last forever. With the help of some friends, Margaret gains enough self-confidence to finally start her own life.

Unfortunately, Mary Scott's books are out of print and only available second hand. I have heard in the meantime, that you can buy some of them as eBooks.

From the back cover: "For every demand that her stepnieces and beloved stepdaughter made of her, Margaret Nevill had one answer: "Yes, darling." Since her exacting husband died, leaving her a legacy of the three girls, Margaret had threatened to become what they called a door mat.

However, when Margaret suddenly decides to leave her dreary city house and return to the country she had loved as a girl, her life changes completely - and for the better."

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