Friday, 1 June 2018

Happy June!

Happy June to all my friends and readers

New Calendar picture with this
beautiful watercolour painting by Frank Koebsch

"Ruderbootfähre Baabe - Moritzdorf"
"Rowing Boat Ferry Baabe - Moritzdorf"

June - Summer will start this month. 

The month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage. This makes sense since most couples like to get married in the summertime when the weather is hopefully going to be good. 

The birthstone of this month is the moonstone which is a feldspar variety and comes in many different colours and is supposed to bring strong energies and protect you from dangers during pregnancy, childbirth and travel at sea. 

To me, the name always reminds me of the novel "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins which is said to be the first detective language in English.

Enjoy this month with the beautiful watercolour painting by Frank Koebsch, another absolute beauty from the sea.

You can find many more wonderful pictures on their website here.


  1. Happy June Marianne! I have had Moonstone on my shelves forever. One of these days I will read it. My two marriages were in April and September. The September one is the one that lasted! I don't think I have any weddings to attend this year.

    1. Happy June to you, too, Judy.

      You absolutely must read "The Moonstone", it's a must for every fan of classic fiction.

      I met my husband in August and that's when we got married. But my favourite month is September, not because it's the month of my birthday but because my favourite season starts: autumn!