Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Noa Bercovitch, Pascale “The Dolphin’s Boy"

Noa Bercovitch, Pascale “The Dolphin’s Boy: A Story of Courage and Friendship” (Oline, le dauphin du miracle) - 2000

Bercovitch was an athlete who had a terrible accident on a train and subsequently had to have her legs amputated. This didn't interfere with her plan to go to Israel, she still went and became not just a successful journalist and filmmaker but also participated in the Paralympics.

In her partly autobiographical book, she tells us about the Bedouin boy Abdullah who fell out of a tree at the age of five and was deaf ever since. He grew up keeping to himself and loved to spend his time swimming. At one of his excursions, he met a dolphin who wouldn't leave his side any more. The author made a film about this extraordinary friendship between the boy and the dolphin and later wrote this book about them. A wonderful story.

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