Friday, 27 July 2012


Esperanto celebrated its 125th birthday on 26 July 2012.

This is a good reason to have a list with many links to interesting Esperanto pages. I will update this post regularly. So, wait for more.

Lots of information about Esperanto
How to learn Esperanto - in many languages
Dr. Zamenhof created the international language - Esperanto
BBC Radio 4 feature about Esperanto
Esperanto on Wikipedia
The International Language - Esperanto
How is Esperanto easier to learn than other languages
Kontakto - Esperanto magazine
Personal Stories - why people learn and speak Esperanto
Duoblilo - Allows you to type texts with Esperanto signs without having to use ASCII codes all the time.

German article "Das Linux der Sprachen" (The Linux of the Languages)
Esperanto article "Mondlingvo por malmultaj" (World Language for a few)

Songbook from the Esperanto Scouts - Kantlibro de la Skolta Esperanto Ligo

Series about Esperanto
Part 1 - Esperanto is a language you can use for everything
Part 2 - Esperanto is a language with many traits
Part 3 - Esperanto is a language used in many ways
Part 4A - Esperanto is a language everybody can and should learn
Part 4B - Esperanto is a language everybody can and should learn
Part 5 - Esperanto is a language associated with a colourful movement
Part 6 - Esperanto is the language of the future


  1. Thank you very much for these links. The 125th anniversary of the publication of Esperanto is quite an achievement for what started as the idea of just one man. It has survived wars and strikes and economic crises, and continues to attract young learners, all without state subsidies.

    I've used it in speech and writing in about fifteen countries over recent years, and I recommend it to any traveller as a way of making friendly local contacts. Thanks to Esperanto, I have seen the insides of homes in Europe, South America and Africa.

    Dankon denove!

  2. And thank you for your additional information, Bill. I am always happy to add other links for anyone who might be interested in our wonderful language. Saluton.