Friday, 27 July 2012

Zane, Lily "Creating Home"

Zane, Lily "Creating Home. Inspiring Comfort in Every Room" - 1998

A sweet little book with a lot of interesting tips on how to create a home in your house. Certainly not all of these ideas are new but most of them are easy to accomplish. And with a little bit of inspiration, you can change or enhance almost every room in your house.

From the back cover:

"According to author and designer Lily Zane, home is the ultimate reflection of its inhabitants. Using the insights illustrated in Creating Home: Inspiring Comfort in Every Room anyone can capture the inspiration to turn a space into their own warm and intimate oasis. With its hand-drawn full-color illustrations and more than 50 practical and inspirational tips, the book combines the attractiveness of a gift with the usefulness of a how-to. Designed to encourage readers to develop their own personal styles and cultivate their own vision of 'home', the nine se of Creating Home lead to an inspired trip through living spaces with a trusted, creative friend. The decorating tips include easy-to-implement ideas and inspirations on how to create comfort and beauty by focusing on what you love and incorporating those details into daily life.

Lily Zane guides readers to:
-- Create an entry that says 'welcome' with color, scents, collections
-- Inspire comfort in the living room with candles, pillows, lighting, photos
-- Add personal flavor to the kitchen with cookbooks, recipes, utensils
-- Gather with elegance in the dining room
-- Luxuriate with plants, art and oils in the bathroom
-- Maintain serenity in the bedroom

Sections on garden, deck, home offices and the details that make any room special for an occasion round out this engaging yet sumptuously useful gift book.

Lily Zane has also a good website and a page about her book.

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