Thursday, 23 March 2017

Scott, Mary "First Things First"

Scott, Mary "First Things First" - 1973

Like all of Mary Scott's books, I have read this before, I managed to buy most of those that were translated into German years ago. I do remember this as being one of my favourites, probably because the protagonist is a librarian.

Also in this case, Mary Scott drew from her own life, she did take care of a village library for a while during the time one or several of her kids attended school far away from home.

Again, this book is funny from the first page to the last, always a pleasure to read novels by this great author.
Unfortunately, Mary Scott's books are out of print and only available second hand. I have heard in the meantime, that you can buy some of them as eBooks.

From the back cover (translated):
"Robert Henderson and his granddaughter move to the countryside. In an idyllic small village, the girl takes a job as a librarian. Assisted by her ardent, sometimes somewhat old-fashioned, but certainly very well-read grandfather, she supplies the not so uneducated rural community with everything her poorly equipped library provides.
But Jill does not want to read about love just in books and therefore decides to marry a farmer. But suddenly she falls in love with the busy young veterinarian ..."


  1. She sounds like an author to read. I haven't read much fiction set in New Zealand, though I do love Australian writers. I recently read The Tree of Man by Patrick White, who won a Nobel. My all time favorite novel about pioneer life down under is Elizabeth Goudge's Green Dolphin Street. I have read it twice. Have you ever read Goudge? She is beyond compare.

    1. She is about the only author I know from New Zealand. Her books are easy reads but it's nice to learn about that country far far away at least from her time.

      I have read a few books about Australia (which you can find here but nothing from Patrick White. I'll put his book on my wish list as I like to read books written by Nobel Prize winners.

      You will also find my search for a book here. Maybe you have read it and can help?

      I never heard of Elizabeth Goudge. I helped a lot in school when my kids were little and am surprised I never came across her. Maybe she was a little "outdated" for the kids?

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, always nice to hear your suggestions.

      Have a good weekend,