Tuesday 28 April 2015

Scott, Mary "No Sad Songs"

Scott, Mary "No Sad Songs" - 1960

Part two of the Freddie trilogy by Mary Scott.

We meet the Standish girls again, Angela gets married to Stephen, Freddie prepares for her nursing school. She is not engaged to Jonathan at the beginning of the book as the back cover claims but I don't think I reveal a huge secret when I write that everything will end well. ;)

Mother Alicia turns up and is just the way she was described in the first book and we get to know Maxwell a little better. There are also some new characters, the fun loving neighbour Maurice Gresham and his lovely sister Pat who soon become good friends with the girls.

Again, Mary Scott manages to incorporate her love of the New Zealand outback when Freddie visits her sister and her husband on their farm.

Same as all of Mary Scott's book, a nice little story, something you can read in between when you need cheering up.

From the back cover (translated): "News from the Standish family
Mother Alicia has returned from Ireland to New Zealand to finally get her divorce - what her children don't regret at all.
Angela Standish and Stephen Lorimer have entered the harbour of marriage after many difficulties and want to enjoy their happiness on Stephen's Farm.
Freddie Standish, eighteen years young, both beautiful and spirited, is engaged to Dr. Jonathan Blake. But the fact that the successful young doctor has so little time for her, irritates Freddie.
Thus, Freddie decides to visit Angela and Stephen. And she soon brings buzz and excitement to the remote farmhouse. She wins the hearts of the neighbours, and even begins a little flirt with one of them, the handsome Maurice Gresham.
But at the end of all the misunderstandings, the complications and petty squabbles, Freddie will be wiser and will know to whom she belongs"

Freddie trilogy:
Scott, Mary "Families are Fun" - 1957
Scott, Mary "No Sad Songs" - 1960
Scott, Mary "Freddie" - 1965

Unfortunately, the books are out of print and only available second hand. I have heard in the meantime, that you can buy some of them as eBooks.

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